Why God?

Why God? It is probably something God hears from me often. As someone who has struggled with significant control in the past, “why God?” is crucial. Some stages of my life in my walk with God have not been ideal or comfortable, so I will ask why to give me some peace in my situation. I don’t always get God to answer the question, actually I probably never do until much later, and most of it still has to do with God growing me in my character.

It seems that my why God has been shifting to God help me understand and give me strength. He sees the bigger picture, and each situation seems to be a puzzle for that picture. My heart tends to be more at peace when I focus on the fact that God truly is good and knows what He is doing. I like focusing on Jeremiah 29:11 as a reminder that the plans He has for me are good and not harm to give me hope and a future. In situations where things don’t seem significant in my life, I will recite Jeremiah 29:11. It’s a reminder that God is bigger than whatever I am going through, even in the not so good moments.


You are not alone because he is always with you. Seek him with your whole being and ask him to show you how to pray for the situation you are currently going through.

Jesus loves you!

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