Giving God my hurts

I can be easily triggered and hurt because of things that can look similar to my past or assumption. When I am hurt, I don’t feel like giving my pain or emotions to God; instead, I feel like confronting the person or situation that hurt me. There is a need to do so because, for so long, I have fought for me. For years I have stood up for me because, for so long, it felt that people would grab me and push me to the floor and leave me there. I went from being a kind girl to wanting to be mouthy and stand up for me; now that I am a devoted Christian, I still have those moments where I want to stand up for me. However, as hard as it can sometimes be, I am learning to give God my pain and let him fight my battles. The hardest part for me is to remain silent and allow God to become my justice. However, I need to remind myself that God can fight my battles better than I can.

When it feels like people push you down and you feel alone, remember that you are not. God is with you when you are down and when you are up. Let him be with you in all moments and surrender to him. Jesus loves you!

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