Learning to respect God & my husband when I don’t get my way…

I usually write everyday whatever I feel God putting in my heart, so if I get a topic I write about it. In my time of being married, God has been teaching me an important lesson and that is respect. On my wedding vows, I used the word sassy and told my husband I would honor him, even when I wanted to be sassy, I would honor him because I realize he is a gift from God.
I have been married for 2 months and let me tell you, it has been a true testing of the words I used on my vows of choosing to honor my husband and God….

Marriage was the opposite of everything I thought it would be; when I got married I had in my head things would be a certain way, and the moment they weren’t I truly wanted to be disrespectful. 
For a moment, I was so upset with God and my husband. The old me would want to run away and not give honor to whom it is due, but God and my husband deserve my respect. 

When my husband and I got married, we came into the marriage with about $5,000 each, so we had $10,000 in total. My idea was that we could use the money to get started off on  the right track; we chose to move to Oklahoma because this is where it felt right. My husband’s parents live here also, so I had suggested to my husband we stay with them for little bit until we got settled down with jobs and everything. But, my husband’s timeline of a short time was 1 year; when I said a short time, I meant a few months. I was so upset when he mentioned 1 year, as I saw that being newly married it was important for us to have privacy and be on our own. From there it felt like things just weren’t going my way, from my husband wanting me to consult him with every decision I made, to not knowing how to communicate and taking things personal. 

Also, others things that made me so upset and added to my anger were that there was so many mosquitos, and also that during the summer when it’s so hot we would be driving around in a car with no AC.

Everything felt like it was going wrong and I was beginning to get so upset to the point I did not want to respect my husband because I wasn’t getting my way. But, I got myself to a place of surrender in prayer, and asking God to give me a heart for Oklahoma and my circumstances. Rather than complaining, I began to thank God for the things that upset me such as: “God, I thank you that we have a car to get around” or “God thank you that we can stay with his parents for this year and save.” The more I began to focus on the good, the happier I became, and also the more my marriage improved in a positive way. I began to listen to my husband, and to fully communicate my heart with him. Things have gotten so much better, and it’s because I chose not to get caught up in my feeling of wanting to be disrespectful, but I chose to surrender and ask God for His help.

I hope this post encourages you to respect God and your husband, in whatever situation you are currently going through. 

Proverbs 4:23“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”