Meaningful Gifts

Have you ever received a gift that spoke to your heart? 

A gift that when you look at it, it makes you feel loved and cared for?

I have! And I hope you have too. My most meaningful gifts given to me have nothing to do with a price tag, but with the fact that someone thought about what I needed or what would speak to my heart. 

There have been gifts over the years that have spoken to my heart such as:

Worship music: My friend Desi bought me twice out of nowhere worship music that he purchased for me on ITunes. Over the last 2 years that has been the music I go to when I am going through hard moments in life.

Backpack: My two kids, who I used to babysit blessed me with a backpack. When their mom gave it to me she said I would need it for travelling. I had no idea I was going to be traveling that year, I travelled like never before. I wear this backpack everywhere and it has travelled the world with me. It means even more because my two kids chose it. It makes me smile when I wear it. 

Heart key necklace: I asked 3 years ago in my heart to God that whoever was my husband would give me this necklace. My husband, without knowing gave me this necklace when we first started dating. 

Drawn pictures: Over the years I have had teens and adults draw me pictures. For me knowing that someone went out of their way to draw me something means so much to me that I keep all of my drawings.

Photo taken and framed: My really good friend gave me a framed photo she took and this photo speaks to me because in the photo there is a sunlight where two people are walking at the beach and behind them is the sun and it says, “walk in the light.” It means so much to because it helps me feel close to God when I look at the photo.

A little seal: My brother gave me a seal and if you know me you know that my brother means so much to me. I love this seal because it reminds me of him.

A blanket my dad bought me: Every time I used the blanket it reminded me of my dad 😀

Cards written: I have kept all my cards given to me over the years because words mean a lot to me. 

Tiffany’s necklace and bracelet: This story I will save for a blog because it’s a long story but my friend Hannah gave it to me and it means a lot. Not because of the brand but the story behind this. 

Lion paw necklace: My friend gave me this with a card and he said he was giving me this because I was bold as a lion and that is how he saw me.

Bracelet made: God’s girl made by one of my rehab girls where I used to work.

Highlighter bag: My friend Josiah and Katie gave me this and it means a lot because I have obsession with highlighters and colored pens.

When giving someone a gift, focus on the person and not trying to buy the most expensive gift just so you can impress. This Christmas season I had focused on a budget for gifts I wanted to give, and my husband challenged me that rather than focusing on my budget, to get out of my comfort zone, and make the gifts because I am really creative and can save more by doing this.

I am not fully making the gifts from scratch, but this made me sit down and think of what gifts I could give my loved ones, that I knew they would make them feel loved or get them to laugh.

For this Christmas season, I encourage you to sit down and focus on each person you will give a gift to. Ask God to help you with ideas.

I remember when one of my friends was going through chemo, I wanted to give her something meaningful, but I didn’t know what. I asked holy spirit for help while shopping and He came through. When I gave my friend her gift, she absolutely loved it. 

And to end this I would say the most important gift out of anything is knowing Jesus, and accepting him as your Lord and savior. And once you have accepted Him in your heart, to give those who don’t know Him the precious gift of sharing Jesus with them. 

James 1:17 

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.