Deleting the past can be therapeutic…

I will tell you…

“No. That’s not it. Erase that, start over.”

“What if…”

“Oh, I can’t think! How about…?”

“Ugh, Fine! “

“Delete! Just press delete.” 

“C’mon, its easy.” 

Click* Delete* 

“Oh, it’s DONE! “

“Wow… It’s done. No more looking back.”

Do these thoughts sound familiar?  For me, these were the thoughts that went through my mind. A few weeks ago, I made a bold decision to go through my Instagram account and delete over 400 photos. Each photo captured one moment in the past. Each photo held a memory that told a story. 400 photos. 400 memories. 400 stories. Why did I do it? Why did I delete it?

I deleted those photos because it is time for a fresh start. Now that I can focus, my vision became clear. I realized that it was unnecessary to hold onto certain things. Trust me. There is no need to hold onto 400 plus photos that I rarely go back to look at. I am focused on expanding A brand that focuses on encouraging others and pointing them to Jesus.

Delete! Forgive! Forget! Move On!

 The future, my future, your future, is much brighter than the past.

I felt free after deleting those photos and it inspired me to write this blog. For years, I felt like the photos on social media defined me. I am unsure why, but the feeling was there. At this point, you might find yourself thinking, “Is there something I should delete?” Today, I would like to encourage you to delete the things that no longer serve you.

Delete that number.

Delete the photos of your ex.

Delete those old texts.

Delete that address.

Delete that appointment.

Delete that website.

Delete the things in your life that do not point you to Jesus.

Would love to hear on the comments below what are some things you will be deleting…

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