Cleansing Time

I usually clean my bathroom on Saturday or Sunday. The toilet calls for help in less than a week, and if I let it go on longer without being clean, it looks gross. As I was about to clean it today, I realized how we tend to be like a toilet; if Jesus doesn’t come to cleanse us, we will remain dirty. Sin does that to one; it turns us into something messy, and we need Jesus to regularly come and cleanse us through his word, affirmation, love, and presence. Cleaning the toilet happens to be my favorite thing to do. It has been a reminder over the years that no matter what, I must remain humble. My humility comes from knowing that I need a savior to come and cleanse me always.

Allow Jesus to come and cleanse you from any impurities. Remain clean and reliant upon God in all of your ways.

Jesus loves you!

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Author: Dayana Shiplett

Hello lovely, Thank you for being here. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you and share about Jesus. With much love and care your friend Dayana :) Need prayer or have questions? Email:

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