The Strawberry Story

Today, I had to get rid of several strawberries. Usually, when we get them, we freeze them right away so that they can last longer. It had been a few days since I said I would freeze them but didn’t, and now I had to throw away several of them. As I was throwing them out and trying to save the good ones, I started thinking more in-depth about the strawberries. In some weird way, we happen to be these strawberries. Many times, we tell ourselves, I will wait, I will do this tomorrow or another day, and then life happens. The longer we wait, the longer the saving of something good takes. These strawberries could have been saved sooner and enjoyed, but they now find themselves entirely rotten in the trash. Some strawberries had not gone bad, that I did try to save. I did this by cutting the areas that were bad and keeping the good part. I thought to myself, and this is what God does with me when there is something in me that is not good. He is cutting away and pruning what is not right to save what is. It’s hurtful when I am going through a process like this with God, but He sees the bigger picture that I do not. He is trying to save me and not hurt me. With all of this being said, I realize I would never want to eat something rotten, it’s the worst, and it makes me want to puke, so for that, it goes in the trash. We would never eat something that we know is not good for us, but why is it that we consume things that rotten the soul so often? Is our soul not as worthy as our stomach?

Let me get super personal with you. When I first gave my life to Jesus, I had stopped having sex, but I had not stopped making out. There was a battle in my soul to let go of the old. But I needed to let go to step into the new that God had for me. I remember that I felt God speaking to me and saying, “How do you expect me to use you (Speak through you) if you contaminate your mouth?” Hearing that stopped me on my tracks, and everything began to shift for me from this point on. I was more aware of honoring God and protecting my precious soul.

For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. Proverbs 8:11
I write to you to remind you that you are precious, and Jesus loves you.

Author: Dayana Shiplett

Hello lovely, Thank you for being here. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you and share about Jesus. With much love and care your friend Dayana :) Need prayer or have questions? Email:

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